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Forget the traditional bamboo and wood toothpicks!

The Brushpicks® toothpick is a plastic toothpick with dental health functions. The integrated plastic can be flexibly bent, safe and healthy, and strong without breaking。The fine bristles on one side remove food particles and the tip of the file removes tartar and incipient tooth stones. The file also massages gums and improves blood circulation。

Our company invented toothpick brush in 1997 (the first generation), was the world's first plastic toothpick with brush, after years of efforts to research and improve, has been sold in multinational chain channels and stores, major hotels, restaurants and airlines have also designated use。It is hoped that such multi-functional toothpicks can gradually replace the traditional bamboo and wood toothpicks in the general market by the mode of small profits and quick sales。

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Pick out the "Pick Cool ®" or "Brushpicks®", which is the orthodox toothpick brush produced by TEChuang。

File tip - Real vs. fake

Bristle tip -- Real vs. fake

Raw materials passed SGS inspection standards, safe

Free of plasticizers and heavy metals

Made from FDA food grade ingredients

Take great toothpicks brush | instructions - animated version

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  • 1. Round head design, not hurt gums。

  • 2. Fish bone shape brush, completely remove the residue of dead Angle between teeth。

  • 3. Integrated manufacturing, strong and comfortable touch, arbitrary bending will never break。

  • 4. Using food grade engineering plastics, easy to use, health and safety。

  • 5. The rough marks on both sides of the file can effectively remove tartar and primary calculus。

  • 6. The triangular shape of the file has a smooth base on the back. The file can be used to massage the gums。

Matters needing attention

  • Do not force into small crevices。
  • Do not use it temporarily in patients with periodontal disease。
  •  Children must use under adult direction。
  •  It is recommended to throw it away after use to ensure hygiene。

Toothpick - | instructions file tip

1. The tip of the file is triangular and follows the triangular shape into the triangular teeth。
2. After bending left or right, file back and forth to remove tartar and initial calculus。
3. While filing, massage the gums with a smooth bottom to help circulation。

Toothpick | instructions - brush tip

1. The bristles are thinner and longer, which can penetrate between teeth and bend freely without breaking。
2. The material of this product is strong and tough, and the new fishbone shaped bristles make it easier to get in and out of the teeth。
3. After entering the teeth, rotate or move back and forth to remove food residue。

Taiwan rushes for money。Small toothpick brush, create great business opportunities。

Yunlin agent Xu Wende, usually like to think of some ideas, invent some new products, he saw the grass when climbing the mountain, whim to use flexible plastic, toothpick into the shape of brush hair, and now his toothpick brush, has been sold to Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea, alone in a year, can sell more than a billion。

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另類台灣之光! 專利牙籤刷月銷1億支

Even a small toothpick brush can be the light of Taiwan,Early years to develop machinery mainly,Later, they simply developed their own products and applied for patents,Main product "toothpick brush" exported to Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea and other more than ten countries,As many as 100 million are sold every month,More toothpick brushes are sold each year than anywhere else in the world,If you line up each 7cm toothpick brush,It could even circle the earth twice。

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We offer a wide range of packaging styles,

So that you can solve the annoying tartar residue anytime, anywhere,

Small package in the wallet, convenient for personal carry;

Big package in the dining room to share with friends and family,

And a fresh set of white teeth。

Domestic sales through the road